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Meet The Team

Shane Martin Headshot 2021.jpg

Shane Martin


Shane Martin is the Co-Founder and CEO of SLB Ventures.  Shane grew up in NH working in residential construction, learning from a very young age the value of hard work and dedication to the desired outcome.  He had the good fortune to apply those values to a myriad of jobs that took him to every corner of the United States and many different countries, where he had the great pleasure of experiencing and working directly with so many different cultures.  He took from his experiences the best and the worst of everything that he observed, and he actively tries to apply what he has learned to his own life, every day, in order to achieve his highest purpose. 


Shane has found that purpose in raising his family and building his businesses.  He takes a progressive approach to each, with his loving wife and Co-Founder Lori Carroll.  Shane is a fanatic advocate of doing things differently than what is considered to be normal.  Shane’s business and behavior are based on a “solutions first” attitude.  It is his belief that there is great reward hidden in solving problems whether they belong to an individual, a community, an employee or an investor.  His mission is to inspire the same principle in his organization and hopefully those that are touched by the organization’s operations. 

Shane currently resides in Bend, Oregon with his wife and son. 

Lori Headshot SLB Website.jpg

Lori Carroll


Lori Carroll is the Co- Founder and Director of Property Management for SLB Ventures and SLB Properties. She is responsible for overseeing the leasing and management of all residential and commercial properties held by SLB Ventures. 

Lori is a Doctor of Chiropractor by profession. This career afforded her the opportunity to live and work in many corners of the world and gain valuable insight into how successful businesses are run around the globe. Along the way, she has also learned the art of human relations and how critical this is to every role in life. She believes that great communication is the key to happy clients, happy tenants and a successful company. Lori is passionate about lifelong growth as an individual and leader and she is dedicated to promoting the company’s philanthropic mission to leave the world a better place for future generations. 
She is an Oregon coast native and currently resides in Bend, OR with her husband and son. 

Liz Summers REVISED headshot 7.21_edited.jpg

Liz Summers

Administrative Director

Liz is the Administrative Director of SLB Ventures, SLB Properties, and Your Home Sold; a real estate acquisition company. Liz has many years of experience working in the advertising industry as well as the construction industry as a scheduling manager amongst other roles. In her capacity as Administrative Director, she partners with the heads of multiple departments within the organization including Marketing, Project Management, and New Business, to streamline research, scheduling, and general administration so each department runs smoothly. Liz’s mission is to systemize, organize, and coordinate the workings of the company so it runs proficiently into the future.

She grew up in beautiful Lake Tahoe and as an adult has lived and worked all over the country. She has also done extensive travel embracing different cultures in different parts of the world. Liz feels it is our responsibility as custodians of this planet to do our best to maintain its beauty and resources. We must, as a culture, continue to strive to do better.

Liz resides in Bend Oregon with her husband and daughter.

Dan Martin Headshot.jpg

Dan Martin


At SLB Ventures Dan is responsible for the finance department, and the promotion and development of business, banking, and investor relationships.  Using his decades of experience, Dan creates and promotes SLB Venture investment opportunities to investors, both new and those fostered over his career. 

Dan is also the owner of Shanner Luxury Homes (, a long-standing, high-end luxury home building company in southern NH and has been involved in and led ground-up construction management of over $120M in large scale (100+ units) apartment construction projects.

His compassion and caring for others combined with his focus on lean management, engineering, and production in the business world, make for a perfect blend with the company culture of SLB Ventures LLC and its philanthropic mission statement of making and leaving the world a better place for our children.

After traveling the world extensively Dan settled down in New Hampshire where he raised his two boys. In his free time, Dan still enjoys travel, fine wines and dining, and spending time with his family, from his baby grandson to his loving mom and everyone in between. 

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